Argent Fox Music was established in 1987 in Moline, Illinois by Dan Speer and David Font.  It began  under the name of Silver Fox Armory creating folk harps for historical re-enactors.  In 1990, it became Argent Fox Music and expanded its line of instruments under Dan Speer and various apprentices.

In 1989 Dan worked as a goldsmith in Rapid City, South Dakota for a time at Govannon's Jewels, a jewelry company owned by Jonathan Simons.  For several years they worked together in each other's shops (sometimes one single shop) and sold at Renaissance Fairs around the country.

In 1991 Dan and Argent Fox Music moved to Bloomington, Indiana.  A beautiful place with an abundance of culture and more importantly, inexpensive native lumber.  The shop was set up near Indiana University, and because of this had many college students putting in time behind the bandsaw.

In 1992 we started making our own harp hardware in an effort to keep down the prices of our harps (inexpensive lumber prices only going so far).  Other harp builders discovered this and today we are the largest manufacturer of harp tuning pins(pegs) for folk harps, producing over 40,000 every year.  We also produce bridge pins and other harp hardware upon request.

In 1995 the shop and residence were moved outside of Bloomington to Hendricksville, Indiana, about 12 miles west of the IU campus. The old Hendricksville General Store building had just come up for sale after being with the Hudson/Abram family for 85 years.  In need of an entire reconstruction, it has been a seemingly endless project over the years.  However it is nice to have over 5000 sq ft of living and shop space, not counting garage and outbuilding space (someplace to fill with inexpensive lumber).

In the last 15 years we have made various other products from wood or metal, decorated or plain.  You will find examples of some of these on this webpage.  We are always open for suggestions or commissions, so please feel free to contact us.

Argent Fox Music's goal is to make fine handcrafted musical instruments, hardware, furniture, etc. at affordable prices.  We individually hand make each item with quality and durability in mind, so you won't be afraid to take and use them in your daily life.