Woods and Construction

Our instruments are available in a variety of woods

Standard woods are:

Sassafras,  Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Hard Maple, Sycamore, Kentucky Coffeenut

Exotic Woods are:

Figured Maple, Mahogany, Bubinga, Makore, Pudouk, Purple Heart, and Lacewood. Other woods are available upon request.

The standard soundboxes on our harps are a traditional flat back design, with a Finnish Birch laminate soundboard. We use Bartley Gel Varnish on our instruments.  It is a hand-rubbed oil/polyurethane finish, to bring out the natural grain and color of the wood.
We welcome special orders for: woodburning, carving, staining, and piercework.


Ordering our instruments is fairly simple.  Please explore the various options of different instruments, sizes (or number of strings), woods you prefer, and special construction or decoration.  Once you have an idea, please email or call to work out the final details.
At the time of ordering, you will be asked for a deposit to hold your instrument's spot in the construction schedule.  Usual time from order to finish is 2-4 months. If you are ordering strings the time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

All our standard instruments have a 30 day return policy, with only the cost of the shipping is not refundable.  Also all our instruments have a trade-in value on all our other instruments. So, if you are wanting to trade-up to something larger or would like to change instruments all together, your present instrument's price will be applied to the purchase of your new instrument.


All our instruments come with a 5 year warranty covering everything except strings and finish.  The customer is only responsible for the shipping to get it here. The customer is fully responsible for damage due to accident, abuse, or acts of fate.